Grow your farm. 

Grow your vision.

GSS group is a horticulture consulting firm that provides fresh fruit and vegetable growers with sustainable solutions to increase profitability.

Our goal is to relate with and empower small to mid-size farms as well as garden enthusiasts, and educators through advocacy, innovation, and resource sharing.


We work with farmers one on one to fully understand their vision and the challenges that are hindering progress.


We supply farmers with the tools they need to expand their market and grow their business.


We encourage each grower to consider incorporating sustainable solutions including technology, innovation, and collaboration.


Learn about our Food Safety Compliance Program

Each farm is unique- like a fingerprint. Our manuals are organized for small-scale farmers seeking various types of food safety certifications.

Want a Free Hydroponic System? Get Involved in Our Research!

Are you a hydroponic grower seeking to maximize production space in your greenhouse? Contact us today for a chance to get a FREE hydroponic tower system in exchange for your feedback.

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"GSS Group gives our farm the supplies we need to grow our family farm into a modern and profitable operation. Without [Danielle], we wouldn't have known where to start."

-Walter Clarke, owner of Rainbow Hill Farm, TN


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