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GSS Group helps small farms grow into profitable enterprises. 

Contact us for farm business management. 
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Grow your farm. 
Grow your business.

What do we do... 



We work with farmers to understand their vision and challenges to assist with labor, staffing, and marketing strategies to increase your farm’s online presence and visibility.

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We supply farmers with tools to gain access to food distributors through food safety certification and provide aid in the grant writing process. Contact us today. 



We encourage each grower to incorporate sustainable solutions and technologies, like hydroponics. We are developing the HydroFresh™ hydroponic tower - coming soon! 

The HydroFresh™ vertical hydroponic system 
Designed to provide sustainable solutions & increase profitability. 

What makes the HydroFresh unique?

The HydroFresh hydroponic system was designed with existing farmers in mind. This eco-friendly vertical tower is placed along greenhouse walls with adjustable size and can be integrated into other hydroponic or aquaponic systems. 

GSS Group's research for the HydroFresh vertical tower is backed by the USDA and we are partnered with farmers to provide nationwide field tests with hydroponic and aquaponic setups to provide quality assurance data. Although we are not able to accept more participants, we are interested in investment opportunities. 

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Horticulture Consulting and Food Safety

Each farm is unique- like a fingerprint. GSS Group assists small-to-medium-scale farms seeking various types of food safety certifications. Danielle Dozier specializes in  USDA GAP Harmonized Plus+ and FDA FSMA.


"GSS Group gives our farm the supplies we need to grow our family farm into a modern and profitable operation. Without [Danielle], we wouldn't have known where to start."

-Walter Clarke, owner of Rainbow Hill Farm, TN

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