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About Us

GSS Group was founded in 2014, originally as a team of college students with a dream to build hydroponic towers in East Africa. After competing and winning a business plan competition, the team grew lettuce using DIY PVC vertical hydroponic towers. After an unexpected shift in governmental power, it was time to pack up and head back. 

Returning to their respective homes the team dispersed and Danielle Dozier, CEO of GSS Group, partnered with a farm in Northwest Arkansas to replicate what she had created in Ethiopia. As an existing NFT hydroponic farm producing leafy greens, the vertical tower design was used to maximize production. 

The idea to utilize this dead space grew into a reality when Dozier was awarded the SBIR Phase 1 from the USDA in 2017. Phase II was awarded to GSS Group in 2020 opening the team to grow by two for the commercialization process for the HydroFresh™ vertical hydroponic tower. 

Hydroponic Lettuce

Meet The Team

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