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Designed to Integrate

The HydroFresh® is designed to integrate with familiar irrigation components like 1/4" microtubing, grommets, and  3/4" delivery lines.

Sustainable Materials

The HydroFresh® is made with HDPE, more eco-friendly than other towers systems on the market made with PVC.

Easy to Ship

The HydroFresh® frame is made with lightweight aluminum, cutting down the cost of shipping!

Easy to Clean

The HydroFresh® inserts are simple to remove and wash by hand, and they are even dishwasher safe!

Grow Your Business

The HydroFresh is a great product for various consumers. Farmers enjoy the space efficiency and additional plant sites while hobbyists like how the system is simple and easy to grow their own produce.


Every component in the HydroFresh package is lightweight and the irrigation components are readily available. The HydroFresh's straightforward design will make it easy to educate your customers about the product and its capabilities.

The USDA funded the research and development of the HydroFresh to reduce the risks in commercialization and market entry. 

There are four HydroFresh systems to select from to fit the space requirements of users, and they can rest on leveling feet or castor wheels to be mobile. The possibilities are endless with the HydroFresh!

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