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hydroponic greenhouse

For Farmers



Maximize Plant Sites & Efficiency

Designed to Integrate

The HydroFresh® is a vertical NFT system with familiar irrigation components like 1/4" microtubing, grommets, and  3/4" delivery lines.

Field Tested on Farms

The HydroFresh® was trialed for over 12 months at multiple existing hydroponic farm operations and was validated to produce quality crops and add-value to the farm business. 

Maximize Your Space

Choose between a 4' or 6' tower to fit alongside your greenhouse wall to increase plant sites.

Easy to Clean

The HydroFresh® inserts are simple to remove and wash by hand or dishwater. They are also tough enough be left in the tower and cleaned by a powerwasher.

A Greenhouse Companion

The HydroFresh is a tool designed as a companion piece for your greenhouse. It easily integrates into your existing irrigation to fill dead space along your greenhouse walls with dozens of additional plant sites.


With just a 40-gallon reservoir and an electrical outlet, the HydroFresh can operate independently, providing extra insurance if other systems fail or disease breaks out.


Add a conversation piece for farm tours, your guests will love the plush design!

What does it grow best? Lettuce, kale, and basil grow very well on the HydroFresh, but it can grow bok choy, chard, and much more!


There are four HydroFresh systems to select from to fit your space requirements with leveling feet or castor wheels.


Customize your greenhouse companion with individual HydroFresh towers and creating your own frame. The possibilities are endless with the HydroFresh!

Farming Field

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