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hydroponic greenhouse

For Educators



Teach Hydroponics Hands-On

Easy to Install

The HydroFresh® is prefabricated to quickly assemble so you can get growing faster! It uses familiar irrigation components, making it a great addition to your greenhouse!

Field Tested at Schools

The HydroFresh® was trialed at multiple public schools and found to be a great companion to existing setups!

Maximize Your Space

Choose between a 4' or 6' tower to fit inside your greenhouse or classroom.

Easy to Clean

The HydroFresh® inserts are simple to remove and wash by hand. They are even dishwasher safe! If you don't want to remove them, powerwashing works too!

Grow Your Education

Take your STEM curriculum to the next level! The HydroFresh is a great tool for teaching your students about hydroponics and horticulture. Plants grow quickly, which is great for demonstrating the different stages of plant growth. The HydroFresh is also great for teaching about conservation since hydroponics saves space and water in comparison to traditional agricultural methods. Students will love watching plants grow on the HydroFresh, and they will be sure to remember their experience. The hassle free design makes transplanting, harvesting, and maintenance easy for educators and their students! 

Need funding? Contact us to see if there are grants available to purchase your school a HydroFresh vertical hydroponic system.

There are four HydroFresh systems to select from to fit your space requirements, and they can rest on leveling feet or castor wheels if you want them to be mobile. Customize your unique HydroFresh system with a light array setup of your own. The possibilities are endless with the HydroFresh!

Farming Field

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Get in touch with GSS Group for custom system configurations! 

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