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hydroponic greenhouse

For Enthusaists



Hydroponics Your Way

Designed to Integrate

The HydroFresh® towers can integrate with common irrigation tubing, and they can be attached to a metal frame using 1/4" flat bar or L channel.

Field Tested on Farms

The HydroFresh® tower is made with HDPE plastic, more eco-friendly than other tower systems made with PVC.

Maximize Your Space

Choose between a 4' or 6' tower to fit alongside your greenhouse wall to increase plant sites.

Easy to Clean

The HydroFresh® inserts are simple to remove and wash by hand or dishwater. They are also tough enough be left in the tower and cleaned by a powerwasher.

A System of Your Own

The HydroFresh is a modular hydroponic system that can be built to your own specifications. We sell the HydroFresh system in 4 different sizes, but we encourage you to get creative!

With some understanding of the assembly process, you could combine multiple systems into an ultra-wide, or aim to make a system that is super compact. Buy HydroFresh towers on their own and assemble your own custom frame for them to attach to. The HydroFresh tower hooks attach to a 1/4" flat bar or L Channel so the possibilities are endless! All you need to make your own system is a frame to hang the towers, a light source, water pump, water reservoir, and irrigation tubing. We can provide some of these components such as towers and tubing, or we can sell one of our packages for you to expand upon.

There are four HydroFresh system packages to select from to fit your space requirements, and they can rest on leveling feet or castor wheels if you want them to be mobile. Customize your unique HydroFresh system with a light array setup of your own. 

Farming Field

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