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hydroponic-lettuce-growing in horizontal system

What is hydroponics? 

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What is hydroponics?

Hydroponic production is the method of growing crops without soil. Instead, this growing method relies on water-soluble-fertilizers to provide nutrients to crops.


Why is it important?

Hydroponic growing methods are important on both a global and intergalactic level. NASA has been experimenting with hydroponics techniques to produce food in space!


In addition, hydroponic food production is much more environmentally sustainable than traditional soil-based methods. When used in conjunction with a greenhouse, hydroponic systems grow food with up to 90% less water and space while eliminating the need for chemical sprays like pesticides and herbicides.


What is CEA?

Controlled Environment Agriculture. This allows producers to provide the optimal environment for the plant to grow to its fullest potential. The result is a higher yield of a tastier and more nutritious product.

What are the benefits of CEA?

Climate change causing irregular/harsh weather patterns risk mitigated; eliminates the need to use pesticides that present health and environmental risks; allows for hyper-local food systems. 

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