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Danielle Dozier

Meet Danielle

Food Safety and Grant Writing Consultant

Danielle Dozier, a University of Arkansas graduate, has been awarded over half a million dollars in state and federal funding to research and develop the HydroFresh™ hydroponic tower system. She has been awarded multiple grants for small businesses, has a passion for mitigating government hurdles, and collaborates with specialists to create powerful grant proposals. 

She has worked in fresh fruit and vegetable farm food safety since 2016. She is Serve-Safe Certified, an FDA FSMA trainer, and a USDA internal auditor for Group GAP programs. Danielle is currently contracted with AgLaunch to help farmers in South Arkansas gain access to food distributors and implement a food safety plan that will be revisited annually. 

Our Services

Food Safety Consultation

Mock audits, internal audits, worker training, and more.

Grant Writing Aid

A beginner's guide from a grant winner.

For consulting inquiries, please contact us. View our cancellation policy here.

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