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Perfect for DIY & Small Spaces

hydroponic tower


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HydroFresh®️ Short/Narrow

The HydroFresh®️ Short/Narrow is a vertical nutrient film technique, NFT, system that is simple to assemble, clean, and maintain. This hydroponic system is perfect for small greenhouses and indoor gardening (supplemental lighting required for indoor growing). With a total of 42 plant sites, vertical hydroponic system a great size for farm to school gardens and enthusiasts!

What You Get:

(1) Pre-fabricated Aluminum Frame

(7) Food Safe 4-foot HDPE Towers

(42) Food Safe Tower Inserts


(1) Feed Line​ (3/4")

(1) Ball Valve (3/4")

(7) Microtubes (1/4")

(7) Grommets

(1) End Cap (3/4")

(1) 90 Degree Elbow (3/4")


(1) Gutter​

(1) Bulk Head

(6) Gutter Covers

(2) Gutter End Caps

Assembly Manual

You can purchase some parts separately on our Accessories page.

Shipping is not calculated at checkout,

please contact for freight quote.

Note: We want to give you the best price possible, so this system does not come with a reservoir or pump. You can purchase these parts at your local retailer or online at many of the following reputable dealers.

The HydroFresh®️ Short/Narrow needs as little as a 5-gallon bucket to serve as a reservoir if being used indoors. Otherwise we recommend a 20 to 40 gallon reservoir. Remember to buy a lid!


If you need assistance with building your customer order, or if any of the links above are broken, please reach out to us on our Contact page.

GSS Group is a woman-owned small business. The HydroFresh®️ is our first product, so we pride ourselves on making time to connect with each customer personally before the sale is final. During our call, we will go over all of your questions, shipping costs, and final touches such as your drain tube length to polish your HydroFresh®️ package.

We appreciate your business!

Eco-Friendly HDPE

Made in USA

USDA Backed & Trial Ran

Dishwasher Safe

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