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The companion vertical hydroponic tower

hydroponic tower


hydrofresh CAD model

The HydroFresh® is a vertical hydroponic system with an adjustable size that can use your existing irrigation components. 

hydrofresh model specifications
hydroponic tower
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Designed to Integrate

The HydroFresh® is a vertical NFT system with familiar irrigation components like 1/4" microtubing, grommets, and a pre-holed 3/4" delivery line.

USDA Funded Research

Our research and product development journey is funded by the USDA. 

Maximize Your Space

Choose between a 4' or 6' tower to fit inside your greenhouse (or at home!) to maximize your plant sites.

Field Tested on Farms

The HydroFresh® was tested on existing hydroponic farm operations and was validated to produce quality product that added-value to the farm business. 

More Eco-friendly Tower System

The HydroFresh® is made with HDPE, more eco-friendly than other tower systems on the market made with PVC. 

Easy to Clean

The HydroFresh® inserts are dishwasher safe or can easily be hand-washed. Just soak, scrub, and rinse.

Watch videos & order the HydroFresh® today!

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GSS Group's research for the HydroFresh vertical tower was funded by the USDA and we are partnered with farmers to provide nationwide field tests with hydroponic and aquaponic setups to provide quality assurance data.

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