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Jeff Bednar - Profound Foods

Supporting Local Communities with Food Hubs

Dallas, TX

By Kirsten Eiane



Farmer, friend, family man, and business owner, Jeff Bednar found a way farmers could make more money by selling their produce through his local food hub; Profound Foods, located in Dallas, TX.

Profound Foods makes it easy to buy directly from local farmers, using online services, one invoice, and a single delivery from multiple farms. Bednar decided to build a more connected and resilient food system in North Texas in 2014. “In 2018, Profound Foods received a USDA grant to start a ‘food hub’. A food hub is simply a business that helps small farmers grow by offering a combination of production, distribution, and marketing services.”- Jeff and Lee Bednar 


According to Jeff Bednar, many farmers go into the business wanting to focus solely on farming and are apprehensive about marketing- which is understandable. Bednar’s background is in marketing, and he is a self-taught farmer. Bednar's focus is to help farmers gain access to larger markets so they can focus more on farming and less on marketing and distribution. Thanks to Bednar, Dallas now has a new way to help farmers sell their produce to local restaurants, consumers, and stores.

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