General Requirements

This section is a prerequisite to beginning the other sections in preparing your personalized farm food safety plan.


This FREE resource can be used to prepare for a USDA GAP/GHP Harmonized Audit.


Other audits may require additional information but the following information is a great foundation for ANY farm food safety plan.

1.) Print the following forms:
       -Food Safety Plan: Section 1: General Requirements
       -Annual Internal Audit SOP (WP)
       -Food Safety Manual Audit Record (R)
       -Recall Plan (WP)
       -Recall SOP (WP)
       -Mock Recall/ Traceback/ Trace-forward Exercise (R)
       -Corrective Actions Procedure (R)
2.) Watch the following video (be sure to follow along and fill-in the blanks according to YOUR personal operation).
3.) Be sure to use the Contact page to ask questions! 


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