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Giving farmers access to distributor sales by incorporating a GAP program.

What is a GAP program?

A GAPs program or Good Agriculture Practice program involves farmers taking the initiative to ensure that produce from their establishment is not likely to cause food borne illness.

Why get a    GAP audit?

Cost of Food Borne Illness

According the the Center for Disease Control (CDC), 46% of food borne illness outbreaks are caused by contaminated fresh fruits/ vegetables/ nuts. This translates into $15 billion dollar economic burden on the United States healthcare department. 

Increase Market Access and Sales

Fresh produce distributors are seeking third-party GAP audit certification before accepting fruits/ vegetables from small-scale/ local farms.  

Comply with New Federal Regulation

As of 2015, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is now regulating farms considered under the Produce Safety Rule to comply with new industry standards for growing and packing produce. This standard is based off the GAPs program. If a farm is GAP-Prepped, they are FDA prepped. 

***Every farmer should know about this rule. Please click the FDA icon to read more about the newly mandated Produce Safety Rule.


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