Grow your farm. Grow your vision. 

GSS Group understands that small-scale farmers usually do not have the time to jump through hoops to broaden their market potential. We work with farmers one on one to fully understand their vision and the challenges that are hindering progress. 

GSS Group is able to help farmers meet the needs of food distributors that require a Farm Food Safety Plan or audit (GAP, PRIMUS, etc). We supply farmers with the tools they need to expand their market and grow their business.


GSS Group LLC is committed to promoting sustainable farming practices. We have a special focus in Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA or greenhouse) and hydroponic production methods. Whether food is being grown indoor or outdoor, there is always an opportunity to reduce carbon footprint.

Meet your Consultant

Hi! My name is Danielle Dozier. I have a degree in Horticulture and specialize in fruit/ vegetable production, hydroponics, and farm food safety plans. Oh, and I LOVE salads.


Fayettelle, Ar

479 200 6269