Grow your farm. 
Grow your vision.

GSS group is a horticulture consulting firm focused on product development.
Contact us for project management services.

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We work with farmers one on one to fully understand their vision and the challenges that are hindering progress. Contact us today.

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We supply farmers with the tools they need to expand their market and grow their businesses. HydroFresh™ - coming soon! 



We encourage each grower to consider incorporating sustainable solutions and technology. What is hydroponics?

The HydroFresh™ vertical hydroponic system is designed to provide sustainable solutions to increase profitability. 

Get involved in our research! 

Are you a hydroponic grower seeking to maximize production space in your greenhouse? Contact us today for a chance to get a FREE hydroponic tower system in exchange for your feedback.


Horticulture Consulting and Food Safety

Each farm is unique- like a fingerprint. GSS Group assists small-to-medium-scale farms seeking various types of food safety certifications. Danielle Dozier specializes in  USDA GAP Harmonized Plus+ and FDA FSMA.


"GSS Group gives our farm the supplies we need to grow our family farm into a modern and profitable operation. Without [Danielle], we wouldn't have known where to start."

-Walter Clarke, owner of Rainbow Hill Farm, TN